Reading guidelines for parents

Your child should be involved in reading every day. This does not always have to your child reading to you. It is good for them to listen to you read to them sometimes.

If they get stuck on a word here are some hints:

  1. Try getting them to sound out the letters and then blend them together.
  2. Split the word into chunks.
  3. If there are pictures look for a clue in them.
  4. Think what would make sense, try getting them to read on a few words and then go back.

Remember it is important that your child understands what they are reading.

  • Ensure they read to the punctuation, take a slight pause at commas and a breath at full stops.
  • Ask them to re-read sentences after working out a word if meaning has been lost.
  • Ask questions about what they are reading.
  • Get them to re-tell the story to you after they have read it a few times.
Reading with your child is a special one-on-one time so make sure you set aside 10 to 20 minutes for just the two of you where you can be sure there wont be any distractions. If there are other children in the house explain to them that they will each get this special time provided they respect each others. If there are younger children start them on an activity or game first that they can continue independently whilst you work with their sibling.

Reading can be very rewarding so when you are choosing a book to read to your child make sure it's a book that you are going to enjoy as well. It doesn't have to be a fairy tale, if you're into facts share this with your child by reading random or specific sections in an encyclopædia. If you enjoy it they will too.