Blue_book.gifReading is so important so you should try and grab any opportunity to read to someone or to listen to them read to you. Don't forget ALL reading counts and helps so when your brother wants to know what's on tv, read him the tv guide; when your mum is going shopping go with her and read the shopping list; comic books, newspapers and recipe books all count.

first_book.JPG Click on the book for reading guidelines for parents

Try these games to practice your letter sounds and reading strategies. This will help with both your reading and writing.

reading.JPGLearn to read .......Primary_games_maths.JPG Primary Games...funbrain.JPG Ad-Libs
starfall.JPG Starfall ,,,,,,,,Roy_reading.JPGReading with Roy

silly_sentences.JPG Silly sentences .................readaquarium.JPG
bbc_lit.JPGBBC English skillswoodlands_lit.JPGWoodlandsPrimary_games_maths.JPG

Up_to_10.JPGUp to ten