Home Learning Guidelines

What if my child doesn't want to do home learning? - Please spend some time and encourage them. Children are usually keen to please and become involved in activities parents value. Work along side your child but do not fall into the trap of doing their home learning for them!
Feel free to come and chat with me if you have any concerns about home learning. Good Luck!

  • Your home learning diary should come to school with you each morning

  • You should take your home learning diary home every afternoon

  • You should try and do a spelling activity every day. Whenever you do, get your parent or caregiver to check it, write what activity you did and initial it. Feel free to make up your own activities or adapt those on the list.

  • You should try and read to your parent or caregiver every day. When you do ask them to make a note of the book and initial it.

  • Your spellings will be tested in school each week and your score recorded in your home learning diary for you and your parents and guardians to keep track of.

  • Home learning is YOUR responsibility.